Cash For Chunkers presents Veronica Vaughn

Caught snacking on a pizza, young BBW, Veronica Vaughn has disappointed her trainer, Christian and is swiftly kicked out of the Cash for Chunkers program! In an effort to get back on the roster, she whips out Christian's prick and blows him before he can refuse. Then, she exposes her huge tits, the same gigantic breasts that he's been staring at the whole time. This curvy, voluptuous whore keeps her end of the bargain by fucking the living shit outta Christian. It's not every day the trainer gets worked over! Watch him drill her shaved poon sideways on the couch as all those curves ripple and jiggle. Christian drops a steaming pile of baby batter down her greedy gullet. You've made the cut for now cchubby!
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When Veronica's trainer caught her sneaking a slice of pizza, he almost walked off the job, until she gave him a blow job and let him fuck! WHAT A SUCK-UP!

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