Cash For Chunkers presents Vanessa Blake

Sly bastard, Will Powers has just come over to Vanessa Blake's house to do an ASSessment to see if she's chunky enough for his weight loss program. First things first, brunette Vanessa is shaped like a ketchup bottle, thin on top, but her ass? Well, it's fucking stacked to max! He makes her stretch out first, probably because she's wearing some ultra-sexy, ultra-short gym shorts. During one of her back bends, she feels Will's cock jabbing her in the bum! Convinced by his words that sex is indeed the best calorie-burning workout ever, she wastes no time sucking and choking on his long cock. After the warm-up, Will mounts Vanessa and bangs her viciously doggy-style with this cute whore taking all 12-inches of his thrusting fury. After about 30,000 fucking reps, he jets his cum every-goddamn-where, nailing her right in the face!
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Vanessa got excited about earning her 0 stimulus check for working out, but when Will saw her succulent 46 inch ass, she ended up getting paid and laid!

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